FAAM Art Sale

UPDATE: Art Sale Pickup Day

Tuesday, June 30, 11am-1pm

Please pick up your student's art

at the front of the school during these hours.

COVID-19 cannot contain the artistic expression of FAAM students! Your young artists had already created their artwork for this year's art show prior to Spring Break. You now have the opportunity to purchase the art, just as you would have at the show that was due to be held in late March.


Use the form below to order your FAAM student's art

by Wednesday, June 3.

Each student's original artwork will be matted and framed.

$30 each

Orders must be paid by credit card in advance.

You will receive an email when the art is ready for pickup.


Extra framed copies may be purchased. Any quantities over 1 purchased will include 1 original, plus high quality copies for the remaining quantity.

Ex. quantity 2 = 1 original and 1 copy

Proceeds from the Art Sale benefit the FAAM Art Room!