Parents, we know that there have been quite a few updates to FAAM policies this school year.  Additionally, there are some older policies that seem to have been forgotten over the summer.  In case you missed one of the call outs, or just need a reminder, please see the list below.  If it is listed here, then it has already been announced by Ms. Farmer, and you are responsible for being up to date. Please know that no matter if the policy is new, or old, they are in place to keep our children and our #FAAMilies safe.  We know it can be frustrating when things change or if you have to add an extra step to your routine, but these policies are VERY important, and remember to show kindness to the FAAM staff that is working hard to keep your children safe.  

  • Carpool Rules, Policies, & Procedures have changed.  New signs will be going up.  Please click HERE to see all the carpool rules and a map of the way carpool should flow.  

  • Your children may not be on campus before 8:10 AM.  The only exceptions to this policy are if your child is meeting with a teacher or attending Goodtimes morning care.  If you need care for your child before 8:10 AM, you can enroll them in YMCA Goodtimes by clicking HERE.  If your student is dropped off before 8:10 AM, the incident will be reported to the MPS Student Support Office.

  • If you need to deliver an item to your student during the school day you will no longer bring this item into the office.  Instead, you will leave the item on a cart in the school foyer to the left of the office doors.  When you leave your child's item, please remember to label the item with your student's name and homeroom teacher.  Your student will know to look in this location for his or her missing item.  

  • You MAY NOT check your student out after 3:15 PM in the afternoon.  If your child needs to leave school early, you must come into the office before 3:10 PM to check out.

  • If your child has a change in the way he or she will get home from school, the office asks that you send a signed note in your child's backpack. Please do not phone the office as your identity cannot be confirmed over the phone. If you must call to make a change, you are asked to do it before 3:15 PM. 

  • NO PARKING in the FIRE LANE (car rider line) in front of the school at anytime.  The only time that cars should be in this lane is when cars line up for afternoon pick up, however, these cars should not be left unattended. The driver should not exit the vehicle.  

  • All K-2nd Grade Students should have an extra change of clothes in their backpacks in case of accidents.  It should include: top, bottom, underwear, and socks. 

  • Any adult coming into the school to volunteer, meet with a teacher, have lunch with a student or otherwise will be required to show their ID when they check in through the front office.  These adults will also be required to fill out a background check form if they have not already done so, and be listed on the back of the pink registration form on file for your child.  These new measures are to keep your children safe, and your cooperation is appreciated.  A link to the form is at the bottom of this page. 

  • FAAM welcomes you to come and eat lunch with your child at school, however, you are asked to refrain from doing so on days when it is raining.  There is simply not enough indoor room on days when we cannot utilize our courtyards.