Virtual Learning

Friday, August 7, 2020

Good afternoon FAAM Parents!  What an exciting week we have had getting ready for school to begin!  We have gathered some resources we think will be helpful as we begin the virtual platform for this nine weeks.  Please read the FAAM Student Handbook, first.  This document is packed with info about day to day operations of the school and the virtual learning plan.  The FAAM Virtual Learning FAQ is next.  This document will hopefully answer most of the questions you have at this time.  We are planning to have virtual parent info meetings later in the month to answer any questions you may still have at that time.  We have included two links below that will send you to articles on navigating the student home page for Schoology and a Student Guide to Schoology.  You will also see attachments for the documents we sent in a previous email that include the Schoology flyer, Child Nutrition Program flyer, and the Diet Prescription Form for Meals.  


This weekend you will receive an email from your child’s homeroom teacher.  The email will include your child's Schoology login info, lunch number, and INOW parent portal username and password.  We have reset all INOW parent portal passwords to FAAM2020.  Each parent will log in using their username and this generic password.  Once in the site you will change the password.  Several parents lost or have forgotten their passwords for INOW.  To eliminate the need for you to email or call asking for it, we decided to just reset.  In the email your homeroom teacher will also have a link for the first class session for the year which will be Monday morning.  Please try to have your child log in to attend this lesson.  Children will be able to begin logging in Monday morning at 8:00 AM and the lesson will begin at 8:30.  The lesson will be recorded and the recorded link sent out to parents via email Monday afternoon in case your child is unable to attend the live session.  This will also give you a chance to watch the video for your own knowledge.  Teachers will begin teaching the students how to maneuver the Schoology site and hopefully move to using the platform later in the week.  Once the students begin using the platform the basic way in which things will be conducted is as follows:


Students will log in daily to Schoology.


Teachers will have links to attend various live classes each day at various times (schedules will be given out by teachers the first week of school)


Students will login and click on the link for their first class.  This will take them to the site they will use to interact with the teacher and class as the teacher teaches the lesson for that subject.  


Each student will have a homeroom teacher, but will be taught by all of the teachers on the grade level.   Language Arts teachers will teach together and Basic Social teachers will teach together.  Each student will have ample opportunities to interact with a teacher and keep all classes moving at the same pace.  


Various activities and assignments will be completed during the class period as well as during the afternoon intervention times from 12:30 until 3:00 each day.


Students will be in class online from 8:00 until 12:00 each day.  Students will take a break from 12:00 until 12:30 for lunch.  The afternoon from 12:30 until 3:00 will be a time of completing assignments given, working in small group virtual sessions with the teacher,  having one on one sessions with the teacher to review something the student may not have understood from the day's lesson, and virtual conferences with students and parents, as needed.


We understand that some students will not be able to participate in the live classes each day.  For this reason, teachers will video each lesson.  The link will be on the Schoology page each afternoon for the student to watch.  This will also be very helpful for those parents who would like to go back and watch the entire class or just the basic teaching part of the lesson to be able to help your child at home.


All lessons will stay on the Schoology site for the nine weeks.  This allows children to go back and review any standards they may have trouble with during this nine week period.


Please understand that this information is simply to get you ready for Monday.  The teachers will then work their magic and get all students ready to use Schoology each day.  We are going to try to make this process as smooth as possible.  Please know that there will be bumps in the road.  We will have to rethink things, change processes, and try again.  We ask for your patience as we work each day to make this as successful as we can for the students of FAAM.  Remember, we are the pioneers of this amazing journey.  You are the parent pioneers of at home virtual learning, we are the educator pioneers of teaching students virtually, and the precious children are the pioneers who will look back on this moment in time and know they were some of the most memorable times of their lives.  We must look for the positive...there is so much there, if we only try!  Navigating the Student Home Page  Student Guide to Schoology


Emily Renfroe Farmer, Principal

Forest Avenue Academic Magnet

Planting the Seeds of Excellence