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Stock the Classroom! / My Teacher Worksheet

Please click on the link (under the date) to get to your teachers Amazon Wishlist. This is a list of supplies your teacher needs both for this new mobile school environment, as well as for traditional school next year.  All items purchased from lists will automatically ship to the teacher's preferred address.  Also know that Amazon offers eGift Cards.  Additionally, we know our teachers would love to receive a sweet thank you note from their students.  So we are linking a fun printable where your child can fill in the blank and color a note for their teacher. Click on the link to the left and share a copy with your teacher in person or virtually through email.

May 6, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Coffee / Bring a Flower

In a normal year we host a coffee for our teachers on Tuesday.  While we won't be asking for food/coffee donations from our parents we want you to rest assured that our teachers will still be treated to coffee.  The PTA is working with Prevail Coffee to set up a coffee cart outside the school for our teachers to drop by and grab a coffee.  We will also have a bakery on site providing our teachers with a sweet treat to start their day!


We know our teachers would enjoy a bright bloom and so we invite our kids to color a flower, cut one from the yard, or grab one from the store and brighten their teachers day.  We encourage our virtual kids to take a picture of their coloring sheet and send it to their teacher's email.  

Sweet Treat / Specialists Day

The PTA will provide an afternoon treat for all of the teachers. Please include our 10 specialists in your efforts this week. Our specialists also have Amazon Wishlists linked on our site.  We also encourage our kids to color a flower or fill out the "My Teacher Worksheet" for our specialist and bring it to school or email a copy to your teacher.  Their email addresses are listed HERE.


In lieu of our normal teacher luncheon on Thursday, the PTA is working with El Campesino Food Truck to provide an outdoor "grab & go" lunch this year.  A small number of PTA Board volunteers will watch classrooms while the teachers take their lunches in shifts.  Although it will be different, we are sure this will be a special treat for our teachers!  Usually, parents provide food/drink items for our luncheon, but this year, PTA is asking for door prizes for Thursday's luncheon.  If you, your family, or your business would like to sponsor a door prize for our teachers, please reach out to Chris Akins at or 904-557-8631.  Our teachers love gift cards, gift baskets, and experiences!  

My Favorite Things Day

Students may bring teachers something from their “My Favorite Things” list. The lists for your teachers can be found at the PTA Website link below. We are also sharing another coloring worksheet for your kids to use their creative juices and share with their teachers.  As before, please have your child bring it with them to school or share it with your teacher at their email.